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Insurance Quote Beater


Quote Beater Form:

Has your renewal invitation been emailed to you? Has a new business quotation been emailed to you?

You don’t have the time to call Insurance providers and go through all the same questions again? You don’t have time to fill in form after form on the internet with no guarantee of an improvement on your premium?

Let us beat your premium by attaching your quotation documents to our Premium Beater. Normally when you receive a renewal invitation you will receive a Statement of Fact (like a proposal form already filled in showing answers to the risk questions) and a quotation schedule which will show the premium you have been quoted. If you don’t have both or you are unsure, don’t worry, just save the document to your desktop and simply attach it to our premium beater. We will do the rest.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

1. Insert your name

2. Insert your contact details (email, telephone number)

3. And attach…simple

We will then search a vast panel of insurance providers we have access to with the aim of beating your premium. Normally you will receive your new improved premium within just a few hours. So do not delay, let Property Insurance Centre’s Premium Beater beat your premium and have it emailed back you…. while you do something else!

Premium Beater can be used for Landlords, Commercial Property Owners, Home Owners, Shop Owners & Offices Insurance policies only.

T&Cs as always apply.*